Driver Autonomy and the Tragedy in Arizona

In the late 1960s, The Jetsons introduced us to flying cars and robotic maids. In 2018, Uber has introduced us to self-driving cars and a fear of too much autonomy. How did we get here? One of the first concepts of an autonomous vehicle was actually born in the...

Our Top Podcasts for Truck Drivers and Owner-Operators

Spending countless hours in your cab by yourself can be tiresome. You need quality entertainment to help pass the time. Good thing there are tons of podcasts – downloadable audio programs – to alleviate the sometimes monotonous journey of over the road driving. You...

The ABC’s of the Capacity Shortage

  Understanding the Capacity Shortage  Anyone who regularly moves freight likely has realized that their brokerage is facing a major capacity shortage, along with a hike in prices to go with it. Industry experts predicted a shortage and rate increase a few months...



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