Local Third-Party Logistics Company Expands to Second Location

ATLANTA, Georgia – C.L. Services marks yet another major milestone in company history as it expands to its second location, located in North Atlanta.

The company’s new location, based in the Pennant Park, is within walking distance from SunTrust Park. The expansion will create space for an additional 65 e employees at both locations, which will allow the company to nearly double in size in the coming years.

The company’s second location serves a strategic need, as they aim to limit commute times for employees, attract young talent, and expand the reach of services to local businesses. Jeff Lantz, President and Owner of C.L. Services, said the move will serve needs of the company, employees, and most importantly, their valued customers.

“Over the last 22 years, our service line has expanded to better fit the needs of our customers, and with that continued growth, we need to account for the demand by adding employees and space,” explained Russ Caudell, CFO of C.L. Services, “This expansion will allow us to grow with the ever-increasing demand for transportation services in our market.”

C.L. Services is a third-party logistics organization that connects carriers and shippers to deliver a premier freight management experience for companies across North America.

For more information on C.L. Services and their services, please visit clservicesinc.com